Bankside Loft is a minimal apartment refurbishment located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Ebba Architects. The open plan arrangement is intended to provide a bright space for flexible living and working. As part of the refurbishment walls were removed helping to open up the apartment, revealing the molded concrete frame of the existing building. Either side of the structure sit two mezzanines that make use of the tall ceilings, offering more private areas for sleeping and study above.

Functional areas such as kitchen and bathroom sit under the mezzanines with in built storage maximizing the use of the space. The plan is designed for cooking and working on one side while living and sleeping on the other, with potential for most areas to be interchanged through loose furniture. The project uses an economical yet high grade pine as the primary material for the construction of the structural elements, stairs, paneling and joinery, finished in a white stain that helps to bring out the grain in the timber.

Panels wrap one side of the living space making a more intimate experience and produce a sense of enclosure. The fabrication methods, from the joints to the interlocking members give the project a clear expression of how the structures are made. An existing timber floor was restored and re-stained giving a natural tone to the apartment while the red ceramic tiles in the kitchen add to the warmth of the neutral space.

Robust light fixtures and discrete cupboards throughout complement the vertical lines and paired back detailing. Overall the result is a compact yet flexible loft apartment that accommodates a modern way of living.

Photograph by Lorenzo Zandri & Benni Allan