May 21, 2022 / Interiors
Bar Contem by Contem

Contem launched “Bar Contem” during Stockholm Creative Edition, located in Stockholm, Sweden. This is Contem’s first full-scale interior concept and will be utilized as a community space for the event featuring a multifunctional coffee, food and wine experience. The furniture, which are designed specifically for the space, feel like siblings. They are all made in a simple but elegant way where the same main elements are tuned so that the furniture proportions becomes interesting and the material is allowed to stand out on its own. Bar Contem will be hosting a coffee bar from May 10-17 serving specialty coffee by Balue. From May 17-23 the space will transform into a wine bar with two exclusive bar nights featuring Chef of the year finalist Martin Brag, offering a selection of food and wines.

”I have a fascination for combining projects with food and beverage. Bar Contem is no exception, where we flirt with the Southern European way of serving coffee during the day and switching to wine in the evening. For this occasion, we have enlisted the help of chef and sommelier Martin Brag, who has been part of Temporärt’s projects for years.” – Cristian Lind. Contem is behind the shaping of the physical space: using their furniture to create an atmosphere in the otherwise untreated room. All of the furnishings have been custom crafted by hand from reclaimed wood and tailored to fit the location, creating an environment for the community to enjoy.

Photography by Ollie Nor