Sep 12, 2021 / Interiors
Beige by Koot bureau

Beige is a minimal apartment of 45 m2, located in Lviv, Ukraine, designed by Koot bureau. The design reflects minimalist Nordic aesthetics and philosophy. Monochromatic neutral apartment with a minimal palette of materials is flooded with natural light throughout the day. The white color of the walls and furniture allows the diffused light to be evenly distributed in a bit darker corners. Opencast concrete on the columns and ceiling adds an unobtrusive texture. Beige paint on the walls, fabrics, and light oak on the furniture brings a feeling of warmth and comfort. The gradation of shades makes the space balanced, simple, and calm. Plants play a significant role – serve as a visual accent and fill the interior with life.

The statics of massive spots combined with the vertical rhythms of fabrics and decorative strips make the composition of the interior not only a perfectly designed volume but also a flawless work of art. Concise and simple, this design simultaneously becomes a platform for self-expression. Light and shadows, textures, shapes, proportions, colors – successfully combined artistic means in which in a harmonized space on the main role comes a human. Beige is designed to be a canvas for future residents.

Photography by Andy Shustykevych