Black is a minimal apartment located in Shanghai, China, designed by Nothing Design. The owner of this property is a young attorney whose personal characteristics and way of life have a significant influence on his body of work. The owner wanted the house to be peaceful and welcoming due to the demanding nature of his business. In the ultimate design, the sitting room features a sizable amount of pure black blocks to create a more calm sleeping atmosphere, while the public space is built with dark furniture and a light color base. Through the placement of an L-shaped multi-faceted cabinet as a space divider, generating an open circulation line, the center of the link between the living and dining rooms is the focus of the plan optimization.

The cabinet displays its TV background function to the front of the living room. The side facing the eating area serves as the working surface for the water bar. Additionally, the portion that faces the door is shaped like an open entrance hall. The L-shaped cabinet, which incorporates a shoe cabinet, TV backdrop, and water bar counter top, addresses all of the household’s shortfalls at once. The entrance’s smooth lines create the first impression of the space. The through-the-top cabinet ensures the overall cleanliness and freshness of the entryway, with the kickless design heightening the visual feeling, so that the public area will not be depressing as a result of installing central air conditioning.