Blue Bottle Coffee Umeda Chayamachi is a minimal space located in Osaka, Japan, designed by I IN. Since this is the first coffee by the brand to open in new region, the interior design was required to consider the message of BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE conveying a story, easy to understand for the customers. The iconic blue logo that suddenly appears in the city scape and the joy of discovering the familiar blue of the brand, are expressed using various lights and materials. Historically, the location of Chayamachi has a unique Japanese tea culture, where people gather and share time, and the sense of unity is interpreted in a modern way throughout the whole cafe.

On the first floor, the customer is surrounded by the essence of warm wood, a big drip station filled with bright welcoming light, a stage-like space where the barista making coffee stands out the most. The counter made of hairline polished stainless steel shows a dignified presence. The surface reflects the scenery of the space, softening the boundary between the barista and customers. The special blue glass, used throughout the store, expresses the brand’s iconic character with its’ unique transparency. The product is placed there to directly convey the brand’s message.

At the staircase area, a glass chandelier hung from the ceiling spreads throughout the atrium. Coffee-colored spherical glass, made by a glass artist based in Osaka, gently welcomes guests. Customers can feel the flow of an impressive view of light and color with the three-dimensional space experience of the stairs. In the center of the second floor, mainly surrounded by white colored materials, a special area is located, stimulating the five senses of the visitors. By spending time here while bathing in the images and sounds that ‘fall’ from the ceiling, guests create a special experience that can change the impression of time and stimulate their senses.

Images and music, created in collaboration with Panoramatiks, allow the customer to fully reset themselves. The bench made of a special material has a mechanism that only the person who actually sits can encounter through a sensory experience. It is not just a concept, but a place that really stimulates the fives senses of human. the space has became a completely new cafe interior, that offers a special experience while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Photography by Tomooki Kengaku

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