May 25, 2023 / Architecture
BRDN by Bauclub

BRDN is a minimal home located in Brussels, Belgium, designed by Bauclub. The design strategy for this project was pivoted around the original structure, which acts as a central reference point as one navigates through the varied spaces. The objective of this redesign was twofold: to augment the home’s overall space and to establish a more pronounced link to the garden, a feature that had been previously overlooked. In order to achieve this, a comprehensive transformation was undertaken, instilling a coherent structure in the arrangement of the spaces. The changes, although substantial, are thoughtfully done, considering the spatial qualities and functions of the house. One key alteration was the relocation of the entrance, which now features a covered awning and provides a more defined access to the house from one of its three facades. The multipurpose room, which doubles as a games room and library, has been strategically placed where the original living room was, functioning as a transitional space between the home’s public and private zones.

The kitchen, serving as a pivotal point of interaction, helps connect all these varying spaces. Meanwhile, the upper floors underwent minimal changes, with the existing bedrooms and bathrooms refurbished and a new bedroom incorporated in the extension. One interesting feature of the redesign is the parents’ quarters on the second floor, housed in a spacious, unobstructed attic space. A rear skylight offers a direct view of the verdant Kauwberg natural park, and a distinct glazed cabin has been incorporated to accommodate the bathroom. This design approach reflects the aspiration to be hospitable and inclusive while providing differentiated spaces for various activities. Similar to the Raumplan concept, each distinct space in the house is characterized by simple geometric designs and unique heights. Single-sloped roofs have been incorporated, allowing for an influx of natural light into the interiors.

Photography by Nicolas da Silva Lucas