Carmelo Fiore is a minimal store interior located in Bari, Italy, designed by Silvio Girolamo Studio. Silvio Girolamo Studio has created a remarkably well-designed and minimalist space for Carmelo Fiore, a fashion store for men in Puglia. The concept presents a very minimalist approach to the project in order to emphasize clothes during the user experience. This approach is clear to see by the predominant presence of white and neutral tones but contaminated with strong touches of black decided to add character to the space. Minimum means to achieve maximum impact.

This is the rule that guided the whole design process. At the entrance, a squared black wood platform on aerated concrete blocks borders the window display. Walking in, the mirrored single line clothing racks and the glass cabinet give the space an orderly and calming presence. Maintaining this minimalist direction, Silvio Girolamo Studio optimizes the space pushing vertically. There are two areas where the single line clothing racks became double obtaining a well organized display.

All the furniture pieces are designed by the studio with the help of local artisans. Table, cash counter, framed mirrors, bench and shelves underline a sober and functional sophistication under a strong contemporary essence with special attention to detail. Every piece is marked by its common name like a live user guide that generate mixed feelings in visitors. The goal of this retail store was to move people from digital to reality creating a place where their values take a tangible form.

Photography by Rosaria Loiacono