Oct 21, 2021 / Interiors
Casa AI by HW Studio

Casa AI is a minimal residence located in Michoacán, Mexico, designed by HW Studio. The program that the clients gave the architects consisted of a basement that would be used as a garage, a first level which would be used as a personal museum for their collection of classic cars and the subsequent four levels 2 2-bedroom apartments and finally two one-bedroom apartments. On the roof there is a roof garden with some amenities so that tenants could prepare barbecues or organize a party. However, the apartments could only be developed from the middle of the land to the front, since from the middle to the back the client would use the space for warehouses. The front façade presented very uninteresting views towards the neighboring rooftops, so the studio opted for a translucent screen formed by an aluminum angle shutter that allowed them to illuminate and ventilate the apartment from that façade, but never allows a frank view of inside out or outside in. The need for an access ramp to the basement pushed the program to the right, opening the possibility of having controlled views towards a small patio in that space and on levels three and four towards the mountain of Sta. Maria.

Photography by Dane Alonso