Jan 18, 2020 / Interiors
Casa Calmoso by LABOTORY

Casa Calmoso is a minimalist space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed LABOTORY for READY2WEAR. The word ‘Casa calmoso’ has the meaning of “tranquil and calm house.” Ready2Wear started with this sense of the word. Ready2Wear needed a kinds of service space, intended as a showroom, that create curatorial area by interacting with their customer. To induce a calming atmosphere, some spatial elements are harmonized and maximize the mood. – designed curved-line ceiling, indirect lighting fixture rather than use of direct lighting, rough material which has natural texture, and furniture made from those form and material. These spatial elements are now unified as the entire mood of the new showroom “Ready2Wear.”

Photography by Choi Yong Joon