Jun 03, 2018 / Interiors
Casa de l’Aleix i la Mariona by SAU Workshop D'Architecture

Casa de l’Aleix i la Mariona is a minimalist residence located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Spain, designed by SAU Workshop D’Architecture. The roof of the concrete joists was in poor condition and the deck package and cone walls did not guarantee the sealing or the desired climate behavior. Therefore, it is decided to carry out the following intervention, the complete roof is replaced, and its structure is solved by means of a single element: the Pratt beam, which supports at the same time, and without overloading the existing slabs , the prefabricated roof panels and those in the loft. In this way the whole section is recovered and 19 m2 of attic are gained. When carrying out this intervention, on the northern dividing wall, and under the attic, the existing community staircase, the bathroom and the kitchen are located. In the attic there is a room and a dressing room / study, pieces that enjoy luminosity and ventilation through the roof.

Photography by Adrià Goula