Jul 08, 2020 / Architecture
Casa Iporanga by Felipe Hess

Casa Iporanga is a minimal home located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Felipe Hess. The home is characterized by vaulted ceilings with slit skylights, adding to the abundant natural light to the space through the sliding doors. The entire wall facing the backyard opens up to allow for a seamless interaction between the outdoor space and interior. The project consists of a renovation of a house with a wooden structure, which was reused and guided the project. After the demolition of all the original masonry, it was possible to think of a new plant that consists of a “house-balcony”: the living and dining rooms are isolated by a “roller” curtain and the access corridor to the bedrooms happens trought an exterior path.

The total opening of the shutters, in almost all house, further strengthens the connection with the garden. The L-shape, pre-existing, embraces the new pool, which becomes the focal point of the house and can be seen from all room. White is the dominant color, present in the monolithic cement floor, in the wooden structure in the lining and on the walls. The exceptions are some fixed fixed furniture and the two volumes of black wood that houses the bathroom and break the horizontality of the white block.

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