Sep 21, 2021 / Architecture
Casa MOO by Agustín Aguirre + FRAM

Casa MOO is a minimal house located in San Isidro, Argentina, designed by Agustín Aguirre + FRAM. The house preserves the historical feature of an object left in time, almost like nostalgia. Its pure, clean and timeless form emerges above a new limit, constituted by the gate that separates the house from the street. This limit seeks the dialogue between the historical and the current, the light and the heavy, the real and the conceptual, the white and the brown, the interior and the exterior.

Originally, the house was completely altered by random programmatic additions and changes made over the years. The project strategy consisted in restoring the shell of the original house, removing all the additions and enhancing the interior with a new permeable program in relation to new exterior patios that surround it. The classic language, the height of the spaces, the wide walls and the existing floors were the starting point as the strategy and imprint of the project.

Photography by Fernando Schapochnik