CC Residence is a minimal house located in Cascais, Portugal, designed by Ontwerpbureau Dries De Malsche. This house is located in the coastal town of Cascais, near Lisbon Portugal, embedded in a natural environment. The practice was commissioned to design a home that could offer a peaceful haven for the owner and his family to retreat in from their cosmopolitan lifestyle. The challenge lied in converting a rather soulless, new build villa, into a warm, sustainable and modern home. The main intervention consisted of a revised layout for the ground floor areas. The central axis through the house was strengthened on the one hand by visually closing off the staircase, while creating a more intimate entrance hall. This, in combination with a unified design language and continuity of materials induces a strong spatial experience. The arrangement of the spaces accentuates beautiful sightlines through wide openings between them.

This complete refurbishment entails the reception rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen with excessive winery), spare room including small bathroom and master bed & bathroom. The first floor is dedicated to the children, including three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The main goal was to create a clean, minimal but informal atmosphere, based around natural materials. The rough structures of the deep brushed oak panelling, patinated metal finishes and sanded travertine stone is countered with the refinement in detail and use of fragile fabric in the closet doors. Earth tones, such as the dark mineral plaster flooring, refer to the dark soil of the neighboring natural park. Combined with the red travertine stone, which is continued through the whole floor, it gives a subtle touch of color and happiness. The resulting atmosphere is a one of brightness, sophistication and consistency, with a certain informality including spaces for family life.

Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals