Collector’s Residence is a minimal apartment located in New York, New York, designed by MOS Architects. This apartment is defined through cabinetry as hollow walls that enclose rooms and provide storage for the resident’s extensive collection of design objects. The cabinet-walls in the common area contain two square niches for display and taper gently in plan to make the space feel larger in perspective. The cabinets are both the walls of a room and an object that floats when placed against the diagonal pattern of wood floor, which when reinforced by light tracks in the ceiling forms a pattern of lines running across the whole width of the apartment. Secondary spaces have dropped ceilings with a pattern of holes, providing visual interest, acoustic absorption and seamlessly integrating recessed lights and vent diffusers. As counterpoint to its collection of unifying, all-over patterned surfaces, the apartment has three materially monolithic bathrooms—one in engineered stone, another in custom ceramic tile, and a third in honed marble.

Photography by Lauren Coleman