Copenhagen Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by John Pawson. A top-floor apartment located on the outskirts of Copenhagen boasts breathtaking unobstructed views of Øresund. The space is defined by a sequence of living areas that are thoughtfully organized around an axial gallery leading to an external terrace with an exquisite view to the east. This space is a testament to the art of minimalism, where the use of a simple color palette, dominated by white plaster ceilings and walls, sets the tone for the rest of the design. The sculptural timber wall elements are the real stars of the show, choreographing movement through the apartment and creating a seamless transition between spaces.

Each element has been tailored to the specific needs of each room, whether it be shelving, kitchen units or hearth. According to the designers, the materials and detailing of the walls reflect the client’s collection of 20th-century Danish furniture, creating a beautiful dialogue between the architecture and the objects within each space. This integration of furniture into the design allows each piece to shine, as if it were a work of art on display in a museum. In a world where overindulgence and excess can often dominate design, this apartment is a refreshing example of how minimalist design can still be elegant and luxurious. With its clean lines, natural materials, and stunning views, it is a true oasis for the design-conscious individual.

Photography by Marcus Clausen