Sep 13, 2016 / Interiors
Copper Curve by Five AM

Copper Curve is a minimal store design located in Menen, Belgium, designed by Five AM. The new optical store, Opti Q, is a de facto apex for a design studio with an undeniable knack for creative architecture. The building has a curved façade: we decided to bring this curve into the interior, translating the dynamics of the street into the store. Opti Q channels both delicate materials such as silky rugs and copper details as well as robust materials as ceramic tiles and larch. Striving for an aura simultaneously energetic but somehow fragile, with a sense of roughness but also delicate, FIVE AM chose a feminine combination of diverse materials. The copper zone serves as sales area; bespoke tables are the ultimate conversation makers.Behind the copper wall, a carpeted corridor evokes a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where customers can stroll around. A third zone includes functional areas such as the optical equipment, the repair studio and the office desk. In its smooth and art crafted form, the ceramic tiles are simultaneously practical and highly evocative.