May 23, 2022 / Interiors
COPUS by Aspekt Office

COPUS is a minimal office located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Aspekt Office. Located in a historic old marble building called Müller’s Mansion, right next to Frederiksberg Gardens, the office brings a clean and modern atmosphere to a traditional and classic setting. In 1942, the building was awarded by Frederiksberg Municipality for its unique beauty and quality. Now, Aspekt Office – a multidisciplinary design studio – has brought minimalism and youthfulness to the historic building. COPUS is working within the fields of communications strategy, PR, copywriting and film production. While the agency works with companies ranging from fashion and lifestyle brands to innovative tech companies, COPUS only works with companies with a challenger mindset – including brands such as Soundboks, Gorillas, Another Aspect, Mikkeller and Dixa.

When designing the new office, COPUS wanted their daily space to reflect the way the agency and their clients think. Julius Gabel, Co-founder of COPUS: “We like to say that we’re an agency for the new generation, by the new generation. We mean this quite literally everyone here is between the early twenties and mid-thirties and no one is too influenced by the way most agen- cies have been operating for decades because none of us have been around for that long. This allows us to do things a little differently. Our clients all bring something new to the table, too, so naturally our office had to stand out as well. That’s why we were so enamored with Aspekt Office. Not only do they have a different eye than most Danish interior designers, they also bring the ability to craft their own pieces specifically for the offices they design.”

Aspekt Office and COPUS have chosen a minimalistic tone based on oak wood with carefully chosen aspects of bright color and metal, drawing on both Japanese and Scandinavian design. At the same time, the office includes single pieces with an almost artistic feel, including a brushed steel room divider by Atelier Axo. “We always work closely with our clients. We try to transform the company’s identity into a visual space. We do this, by defining the company’s core values and transforming it into a physical space. Working with copus was a big pleasure because the young team has so much personality that we used to create the office.” says Hans Hornemann, Aspekt Office. “We used a fresh color palette including soft green curtains, pale green workshop tables and bright yellow lunch area”. Terkel Skou Continues. The bespoke furniture includes workshop tables, room dividers, storage and displays”.

The office is also designed to accommodate the way COPUS operates as a modern workplace based on both strategy and creativity. Among other things, there’s an open office space with the room divider in the middle – on one side of it, there’s a big table for more “loose” work and collaboration, and on the other side of it, there are a number of desks and classic workstations for more focused work. There are also both classic meeting rooms, a small meeting room with a coffee table and lounge chairs – all in oak – for more casual internal meetings, as well as a semi-outdoor workshop space with high chairs, a standing table and big whiteboards.

Photography by Stine Winskel

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