Corner House is a minimalist residence located in Leiden, The Netherlands, designed by Unknown Architects. Through an extensive transformation the architects have tried to create a comfortable family home fitting the specific needs and demands of the users while celebrating the core qualities of the house. This dialogue results in a diverse environment in which the different layers of time can be read while the house is not statically conserved.

The Corner House is located on a wide angled street corner in the Burgemeesterswijk in Leiden. The trapezoidal shape of the plot and the building is articulated in an angled corner with a beautifully arched dormer window on the third floor. This three story house, built in the early 20th century, has been completely refurbished and renovated in order to become the new home for an expat family of four. 

The starting point of the transformation of this house was its original structure and lay-out and the elements that were found in the proces of stripping back the seventies and eighties additions. Although over time the wonderful interior with rich details has been gradually transformed following the trends of the time; original elements were completely hidden behind suspended ceilings, eighties wall paneling and panels mounted on the original doors, the lay-out of the house was still intact and absolutely stunning. 

The house is arranged as a collection of rooms grouped around an irregular pentagon-shaped hall through which all circulation is arranged. The changes in the lay-out following specific requirements of the clients are implemented within this main principle. While the palette of interventions and materials is in harmony with each other, every floor has its distinct aesthetic which results in a harmonic play of different moments. This approach, which is sometimes restrained and at other times daring, aims to add a new layer to the history of the building.