Jan 31, 2019 / Architecture
Corridor of the Fold by Jun Igarashi Architects

Corridor of the Fold is a minimalist space located in Hokkaido, Japan, designed by Jun Igarashi Architects. The building is a house combined with a store built in Kitami city, east of Hokkaido. There are three sites on the site, one in the east, one in the south, one in the south. Located in the northwest where three desired parking lots for shops are accessible to the premises. Carry in vehicle space east. The entrance of the store goes through the courtyard to create an alley in order to place it in an invisible position. If the surrounding environment is an ocean and the building is on an island floating in the sea, the terrain resulting from the influence of the wave and other contexts appears on the coast where the ocean and the island meet. The shop’s program is a select shop specialized in sake selection and managed while living with two couples. The interior is a curved space, and it will proceed to the back space while imagining the other side that can not be seen. The curved space is a complicated topography, similar to an alcove. The plan is repeated to the second floor and the program is renewed to the residence.