Apr 02, 2015 / Interiors
Cozy House by FORM/Kouchi Kimura Architects

Cozy House is a minimalist house located in Shiga, Japan, designed by FORM/Kouchi Kimura Architects. The house is built at one of the small sites crowded with houses and surrounded by narrow roads. With such conditions, we suggested the beautiful and compact house that includes enriched inner spaces. On the first floor, the parking space is secured first, and the remaining space is best utilized by connecting the bed room and child’s room directly to the stair hall. At the small stair hall, clear sightlines is ensured by the light passing through from upstairs and the shape of the stair wall, making the space bright and rhythmical. The second floor is protruded toward the front road to the best possible extent allowed by the relevant regulation so that the maximum volume can be secured for the use of the living room, dining kitchen, small versatile room, and wet area.