CS13 is a minimalist home located in Málaga, Spain, designed by Maximale. This endeavour was not merely a refurbishment, but a thoughtful response to the unique demands of temporary residents seeking minimalistic living spaces that do not compromise on quality and aesthetic appeal. The project encompasses a total of 7 apartments, alongside communal areas that both embrace and showcase the valuable artistic and architectural elements inherent in the building. A concerted effort has been made to harmoniously integrate these features, offering a living experience that is both enriched and respectful of its historical context.

Within, the apartments articulate a modern functionality that purposely forgoes excessive ornamentation, choosing instead to engage in a vibrant dialogue with the building’s distinctive details. The living spaces are delineated into two pre-existing dwelling types, each serving as a canvas where light and warmth play pivotal roles. As one ascends through the levels, the specific elements of the facade and roof permeate the interiors, instilling a sense of light and warmth that enhances the overall living experience. Through a meticulous balancing act, the project succeeds in marrying the old with the new, crafting a residential space that is not only a testimony to the building’s storied past but also a beacon of contemporary minimalistic living.