Daily 11 is a minimal cafe located in Odesa, Ukraine, designed by Sivak+Partners. The interior of Daily 11 was inspired by Morocco traditional decoration style but in a mix with a calm European alley’s atmosphere. Daily 11 is located in the old part of the city which is very close to the sea port, so the mood there seems to be as relaxing and warm as in the traditional cafes of the old towns of Portugal, Italy and Spain. Natural textures, green plants with a huge leaves, old-fashioned wooden furniture, rattan panels and fans are not only a separate decoration elements but a form of tactile interactive which drives you to the special atmosphere even more. The building is very old so it has a unique floorplan which is a bit complex but in the same time it creates an interesting space and a labyrinth effect where in the end you will enter the cozy terrace inside the courtyard.

Photography by Andrey Bezuglov