Sep 30, 2020 / Interiors
DN Apartament by BC Arquitetos

DN Apartament is a minimal apartment located in Jardins, Brazil, designed by BC Arquitetos. The concept of the project emerged from modernist influences and from narratives that guide new ways of living, inspired by contemporary and minimalist perspectives. Roberto Burle Marx, a renowned Brazilian landscape architect – the same profession as the owner himself – was one of the most influential and successful modernists in Brazil. Concrete covered columns guided the design, becoming one of the project’s highlights, emphasizing the architectural references and inspirations.

A selection of elements, raw and mineral materials, such as concrete and terrazzo – a mixture of cement and stone aggregates – were carefully picked for the project to complement the natural walnut wood that covers almost the entire apartment, creating a unique combination of materials and enriching the design. Three fundamental principles have guided the project, which we describe as a gallery apartment. A clean, sensorial, and scenographic architecture that focuses on the connection between the spaces, containing only a few elements apart from the already mentioned mineral materials.

Photography by Denilson Machado