Du Rocher Residence is a minimalist house located in Montreal, Canada, designed by APPAREIL Architecture. APPAREIL Architecture was tasked with reconfiguring the interior of a single-family home located in Montreal’s Outremont neighbourhood. The approach put forth for this 1960s-residence promoted an open layout and rethought the spaces on the ground floor and upper level. Combined, the interventions managed to honor the existing architecture while modernizing the space to make it more functional and welcoming. The project showcases an ensemble of natural materials which are the result of local artisans’ meticulous work. From this emanates an elegant signature, where the various elements used create a whole at once coherent and unique. The entirety of the project emphasizes attention to detail and finish, both of which are brought to the forefront through a delicate composition. The rooms are composed of a harmony of textures, where marble, terrazzo, slate and stone coexist.

Photography by Félix Michaud

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