Jul 30, 2021 / Architecture
Dulwich Hill House by Tribe Studio Architects

Dulwich Hill House is a minimal residence located in Sydney, Australia, designed by Tribe Studio Architects. Tribe undertook to rework and extend this original interwar bungalow that had been the subject of experimentation throughout the decades. The original home featured an eclectic mix of design elements added over the years including a river stone fireplace, decorative timber, stained glass and lead lighting. Tribe’s addition sought to channel the spirit of the original house and its idiosyncratic nature whilst updating the home for family life. Reversing the tradition of older homes that have their back to the garden, Tribe’s design opened up the rear with a new garden room alongside a new kitchen, connecting directly to the garden. In an act of spatial gymnastics, the floor area has increased while the volume and footprint have decreased.

Photography by Katherine Lu