FEC Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Febrero Studio. The Chamberi neighborhood of Madrid has recently seen the completion of a unique apartment renovation project that involved the demolition of the existing structure, save for the original concrete pillars. The designer’s approach involved a central module that would house all the heating and air conditioning installations, as well as the vertical elements of the structure. This wooden module, acting as a multifunctional piece of furniture, serves to expand the living area by accommodating the sofa, conceal access doors to other spaces, act as a divider between the kitchen and living room, and even house the master bathroom sink. To highlight its importance, the module was crafted mainly from wood, which also helps to enhance its volume and define its shape within the pavement. Despite the need to replace the worn hydraulic tile floor, the designers opted to maintain the same style of flooring throughout the entire apartment, given its original type and the period in which it was constructed.

Photography by German Saiz