Forest Apartment is a minimal interior located in Vilnius, Lithuania, designed by Nordy Study. The apartment is surrounded by forest which inspired the concept of interior. Oak, wild ash and pine veneer, elements of solid wood, stone and wool converge with the natural environment, plunge and dissolve in it eventually. Glass partitions in the form of pivot doors and interior windows submerge spaces and allow the light to penetrate into the deepest spots of the apartment. In this way, the master bedroom and living room combine into one space, the bathroom resembles a spa while the workroom is filled with cosyness and inspiration. On the technical side, two separate apartments were combined into one larger apartment with one load-bearing wall. Load calculations allowed it to have only one niche, hence, storage room, workroom, master bedroom and bathroom had to be planned to be not too dark or too uncomfortable. The bathroom, workspace, bedroom and living room combine into one transparent space.

Photography by Dovaldė Butėnaitė