Fudge Up Nothing is a minimal space located in Kanazawa, Japan, designed by Siin Siin. The store’s branding concept is to introduce things that are still unrecognized or overlooked from altered perspectives and is characterized by equivalently treating a wide range of elements: clothing (selection of young brands, vintage clothes, original clothes), objects, music, and so on. For the store, I chose materials that should be familiar to people in the area, such as Nikka stone that was once mined in Ishikawa, Noto-Hiba cypress that is broadly distributed in this peninsula chainsaw-carved then dyed with a mixture of pine soot and persimmon tannin, and aluminum which is widely produced in this region and aimed to bring a new perspective to them.

Client: Fudge Up Nothing, Construction: Scheme Co., Ltd., Stone: Nakashima Stone Factory, Wood: Yamaguchi Mokuzai

Photography by Yukihito Kono