Feb 17, 2016 / Interiors
The Gardenhouse by Sigurd Larsen

The Gardenhouse is a minimalist space located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Sigurd Larsen. With this room you get a whole house. Pure and calm from the outside the many doors and windows reveal a warm wooden interior. Here you find bedroom, sauna and kitchen open to the outside garden. One door opens to a staircase leading to a guestroom and large hammock overlooking the interior garden. Elements of a playhouse speak to the guest’s childish side, but the house is kept pure and sharp to take this imaginative game of play into an adult mind. A part of the garden contains a rain shower and swimming pool bathtub for relaxing moments accompanied by a terrace with a dining table and sitting area. The new rooms are designed in close collaboration between the Michelberger Team and the Danish architect Sigurd Larsen. The room is available for short or long-term stays under the hotel category “Hideout”.