May 06, 2022 / Architecture
Guest Pavilion by Tironi Bartlau

Guest Pavilion is a minimal residence located in Quintay, Chile, designed by Tironi Bartlau. The Guest Pavilion is a freestanding extension of a beach house located at the rear of a long, narrow site that faces the Pacific Ocean. By extracting and highlighting what was already there, such as some dimensions of the house and existing trees, the studio set out to not just build an extension in the vacant space but to renovate the entire backyard, creating a series of gardens. As a consequence of the above, the studio built a two-story pavilion using a minimum footprint and maximum construction height, in order to free up as much space as possible on the site, while at the same time reaching a sufficient height to achieve a view of the sea above the existing house.

Photography by Felipe Fontecilla