Mar 30, 2019 / Interiors
GVFC Apartment by Balzar Arquitectos

GVFC Apartment is a minimalist apartment located in Valencia, Spain, designed by Balzar Arquitectos. The project contemplates the complete renovation of a house located in a building designed by the architect Antonio Escario, located in one of the main avenues of the city of Valencia . The house occupies a corner position, characterized by having a wide chamfer, following the configuration of the surrounding blocks. The internal organization has been a challenge for the architects, since the geometry of the plant presented different parameters that were not orthogonal to each other. The layout draws a continuous space in the access, with the kitchen open to the dining room and the living room. The bedrooms and bathrooms are accessed through the corridor. Fixed furniture is used to meet different needs of the owners, while integrating structural elements and facilities. The volumetric perception of it can be understood as a continuous geometry, abstract in its form, seeking to be a sculpture. The curve of the ceiling of the room is created to respond to different conditions.