Hauts-de-Seine Townhouse is a minimal home located in Hauts-de-Seine, France, designed by Corpus Studio. This terrace house is in the developing Hauts-de-Seine area, near to a new Parisian metro station. The brick façade is built at the property limit and is at an angle, relative to the home’s long and narrow format. There is a small backyard garden plot that was disconnected from the home. The relationship between the house and street provided an opportunity to generate architecturally dynamic spaces. New openings in the walls and the floors of a restrictively angled space, serve to create a new regard to this aspect of the home, highlighting and framing it through volume, light and material coherence. Decorating the house came naturally and instinctively. No rules, periods or styles are adhered to. Harmony was found in juxtaposition and unexpected but complementary compositions: rustic gouged wood chairs carved in the Marolles Workshop are paired with a space-age, acidic yellow, plastic fiberglass table from the 60s. The dramatic volume, varied penetration of shadow and light, and an eclectic composition of decorative arts give the house an unexpected complexity and richness of experience.

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