Hook Pond Residence is a minimal house located in East Hampton, New York, designed by Workstead. Sommariva occupies a special place in the identity of East Hampton, New York. The 1870s-era residence stands on one of the village’s colonial-era allotments and kindled its transformation into a world-famous resort community—and, almost unbelievably, the home’s Italianate architecture and inimitable views have remained largely unchanged. In renovating multiple rooms of Sommariva, Workstead both honored the interior’s original fabric and celebrated local landscape and history. Rooms’ colors and textures draw inspiration from the coastal environment, with select elements like kitchen cabinets and a bar niche subtly referencing the whalers and plein air painters who once contributed so vitally to the identity of Long Island’s South Fork. Antiques and next-generation collectibles meld respect for the past with the desire for contemporary expression, while ample open space keeps users’ attention focused on the outdoor living and family gathering prized by the homeowner.

Photography by Matthew Williams