Jun 03, 2020 / Architecture
House B by Whispering Smith

House B is a minimal residence located in Scarborough, Australia, designed by Whispering Smith. House B is the middle house in a development by Whispering Smith’s Director, Kate Fitzgerald, a project that has become one of the most informative case studies of best practice urban infill in Perth. In a city famous for demolishing suburban character to make way for ubiquitous ‘Mcmansions’ House B is an important project because it exemplifies the value a mindful architect can place on existing built and landscape character as leaders of development.

House B sits is an existing 1950’s post war brick house and surrounding mature trees left in place by Kate when she planned a subdivision with a micro-lot now known as ‘House A’. The small house and it’s relationship to the existing House B has captured the attention of the state and local governments, now attempting to combat significant tree canopy loss and urban heat island effect. House B sits high up on a sloping block on old limestone footings, the perfect positioning for watching sunsets over the ocean and for catching the seabreeze that comes each afternoon in Scarborough.

The original two-bedroom red brick house is largely intact, nestled into a new extension – the junction between new and old is a barrel-vaulted corridor that runs the full length of the project from the front door to the back garden. Curve-topped steel doors separate the functional spaces from the living areas to create moments of unexpected craft that highlight a peep of the flowering Empress Tree beyond.

Photography by Ben Hosking