House CB005 is a minimalist residence located in Delft, The Netherlands, designed by GAAGA. The client wanted a real family house with lots of different rooms. The challenge was to realize all these rooms on this lot and still create a spacious house. We therefore chose to divide the living areas over several split-level floors, organized around a central staircase. The result is an exciting whole with interesting vistas and corners. Every space is unique.

The large bay windows catch the eye in the façade. The rough stone that has been chosen has a natural appearance, enhancing the contrast between the smooth, sleekly shaped bay windows and the rugged, closed façade. The large bay windows provide an open atmosphere and a strong relationship with the street. On the inside, the bay windows are used as wooden seats and thus become part of the living space.

No natural gas network was constructed in the Coenders neighborhood and therefore had to be constructed without natural gas. House CB005 has therefore connected floor heating to an individual soil heat pump, something that is not yet a standard solution for individual terraced houses. The various houses in the neighborhood all have their own pumps, which are then connected to a collective distribution network. A special ambition was also to achieve a good score on all themes of the GPR: energy, the environment, health, quality of use and future value.