Jan 08, 2022 / Architecture
House in a Meadow by Hohengasser Wirnsberger Architects

House in a Meadow is a minimal residence designed by Austria-based architects Hohengasser Wirnsberger Architects. The house stands in the meadow on the edge of buildings and agriculture. The chance to still be part of the landscape with the last building plot – i.e. to live in it – was decisive for the design. Similar to the well-known “hay harps”, the building stands in the landscape – characterized by a clear structure and “lightness”. The psychologist couple, who like to travel with the camper van, wanted a place of retreat with reference to the surrounding nature. A one-room house has been created on 65 square meters, which opens completely to the landscape to the east, south and west and accommodates a sleeping alcove, bathroom, toilet and cloakroom on the north side of the slope, in a 140 cm wide room layer. The one-room is divided by a piece of furniture into the living, kitchen and dining area and continues to the east and west on a generously covered terrace. Superstructures and technical equipment are reduced to a minimum and all surfaces are made of untreated spruce wood. The installation cables are compactly bundled in a wall or, where necessary, routed “on wood” – a wood stove is used as the heating source.

Photography by Christian Brandstätter