Sep 15, 2021 / Interiors
House in Numazu by Seiichi Yamada Architect & Associates

House in Numazu is a minimal residence located in Shizuoka, Japan, designed by Seiichi Yamada Architect & Associates. The adjacent residential area is mostly covered with industrial products, old and new, the high school is RC structure, and the CB structure + folded plate roof gas cylinder storage, metal trash storage, and parking lot are adjacent to each other over the fence. There is. Containers are randomly placed in the visible neighborhood, and there is almost no green around them. The studio wanted to decipher the spatial composition and frame from the surrounding context, and at the same time, create a direct context within the space. While defining the opening as well, the aluminum sash is set back inside the room and stored, and the outer wall is pulled out in a grid pattern to ensure privacy.

Photography by Akinobu Kawabe

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