Sep 02, 2019 / Interiors
House in Yamate by Camp Design inc

House in Yamate is a minimalist residence located in Yokohama, Japan, designed by Camp Design inc. When considering the renovation of a reinforced concrete apartment or housing complex, the building will prescribe a new plan to draw as an absolute existence. When designed to fit the skeleton, it is easy to store elements that you want to hide, such as storage, but ventilation such as water is often reliant on mechanical ventilation. The renovation is a maisonette-type apartment with a view of the mountains and the seaside view from the balcony. The architects thought it was important to have a plan that allows the wind to pass through the balcony. In addition, it was decided to have the kitchen and dining on the upper level with the bedrooms on the lower floor in order to create to separate but co-existing worlds.

Photography by Kenta Hasegawa

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