Nov 10, 2022 / Architecture
House on Lugano Lake by Studio Wok

House on Lugano Lake is a minimal residence located in Lugano, Switzerland, designed by Studio Wok. The house, a stone structure constructed during World War II, is perched on a mountaintop overlooking Lake Lugano, on the outskirts of the city and next to a thick forest. To create a home for a young family who desired to create a strong link between their home, the lake, and the surrounding nature, the project includes minor but significant interventions on the facades in addition to a complete interior makeover. The new design of the exterior wooden balcony, which contrasts with the local stone façade, paid careful attention to maintaining its typological character: the double uprights and the new metal parapet define a contemporary style without veering from history. Black-painted timber façade components unite the light and dark tones of the surrounding plants and surroundings.

The layout of the new home is functionally similar to the original, with a sizable living area on the ground floor and three bedrooms on the upper floor that look out onto a balcony that faces the lake in the south. The living area’s space is made more usable by the construction of a service belt that houses the kitchen, a bookcase, a closet, a stairway, and a fireplace. Additionally, an entrance area with a wardrobe and a service bathroom is created. The room is occupied by a lounge sofa, a round table, and the kitchen counter, which can be seen from all sides and related to the sun light and view that enter the room through the windows. The lake and the surrounding area are the true new protagonists of the house, and the windows, made of natural oak, frame them.

As a result, the interior spaces are distinguished by warm and neutral colors, such as polished concrete for the floor and the staircase block, and by natural materials, including natural oak for the boiserie, kitchen, and custom furniture. While the walls and ceilings, painted in lime plaster, softly reflect the natural light coming from the numerous windows, the reinforced concrete structure is scarified and exposed. Victory green serpentine stone inlays in the fireplace and kitchen are the sole sources of color in the area. Designated as a true suite, the master bedroom includes a bedroom area, a bathroom, a study, and a walk-in closet. The shower is a volume coated with opal glass that controls how the rooms are divided and how private they are. The light-colored wall finishes contrast with the green serpentine monoliths that make up the shower and the vanity units in the two bathrooms.

Photography by Marcello Mariana