Jun 10, 2021 / Interiors
House RR by Norell/Rodhe

House RR is a minimal summer house located in Kvegerö, Sweden, designed by Norell/Rodhe. This summer house for a young couple and their two children acts as a wall along the perimeter of the plot. Rather than facing the view of the surrounding field, it focuses inwards, turning the small forested site into a world of its own. With its rhythm of posts and geometrical openings, the main facade forms a backdrop against which activities as well as vegetation unfolds. The sense of order that the exterior brings is loosened once one enters into the house.

The interior is one long, open space that has been furnished with four smaller mono-material masses. Together with shifts in floor level, these masses loosely suggest rooms spanning the full depth of the house. Each room is emphasized by a window or sliding door that connects to a veranda and frames a view onto the garden. Overall, this arrangement creates an informal relationship between rooms as well as between indoor and outdoor areas. The relaxed nature of the spatial layout is reflected in construction techniques and use of plain materials throughout the house.

Photography by Mikael Olsson