Sep 11, 2018 / Interiors
In the Past by CASE-REAL

In the Past is a minimalist space located in Fukuoka, Japan, designed by CASE-REAL. The client for this project, a husband and wife, have been known for their art directing and workshops related to food. As a new base for their activities, we were appointed to renovate a building standing along a shopping arcade in Omuta city. In general people tend to avoid having their living spaces facing public spaces. However the order for this project was to place the bathroom and a few other functions on different floors, and all other functions including living space, office, and a multi-purpose studio into one floor.  In addition, to fit the seamless life and work balance of the client we were asked to create a space which people can “float” through. Therefore the functions that need privacy such as the bedroom were separated, and all the other functions were situated surrounding the kitchen. The largest issue was to secure privacy towards the shopping arcade, while maintaining an openness when hosting events. As a solution the facade was created with a double door and a movable partition,  enabling the space to change according to its needs.

Photography by Hiroshi Mizusaki
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