Interior SS is a minimalist interior located in Nove, Italy, designed by Didonè Comacchio ArchitectsInterior SS is a restyling aimed at simplifying, uniformizing and visualizing the ground floor of an existing house, last restored in the late 1990s, which had layers of very diverse overlapping additions. The presence and the particular location of strong structural elements – such as the staircase, the central column – and visible parts from previous renovation projects characterize the space.

The existing house is located in a residential district in a small town near Bassano del Grappa at the foot of the Pre – Alpi Venete by the shore of the Brenta river.
The project wants to create a new and own identity providing a free, fluid and luminous space on the ground floor in which the architectural elements, added and eliminated, adapt to the new open space. Visual connections between interior and exterior are maximized by creating low and parietal pieces of furniture ensuring a free and wide space, eliminating internal full partitions by using glass surfaces. This permits the entry to a controlled natural lighting thanks to the external porch and to maintain views towards the garden.

The reorganization of the internal space includes the demolition of the partition wall dividing the kitchen area from the rest of the living hall and the much needed increase of the kitchen top surface with a central island functioning both as a working and snack area. Glass operable walls separates, when needed, the cooking zone from the rest of the house keeping a visual connection between users of the different areas. When in rest position the operable partitions are hidden by a timber slat wall fitted with metal shelves in white painted finish.

Photography by Andrea Zanchi