Aug 28, 2018 / Interiors
Kitchen and Interior in Cologne by Gerdesmeyer & Krohn

Kitchen and Interior in Cologne is a minimalist space located in Cologne, Germany, designed by Gerdesmeyer & Krohn. Simple shapes and warm materials – this is the concept of our interior project. The designers wanted to create a modern living space that is simple and warm atmosphere. To do so they use a lot of wooden materials such as oak, spruce and birch, and applied different colors. The concept for the kitchen follows the same rules. Simple shapes, constant lines, no handles and only three colors: blue gray, light gray and black. the blue gray lacquered kitchen fronts have a beautiful flowery texture thanks to a birch rotary veneer. Instead of using hanging cabinets we built a small wall shelf behind the kitchen that makes the room look not only brighter but larger.

Photography by Thomas Wiuf Schwartz