La Brèche House is a minimal residence located in Montréal, Canada, designed by APPAREIL Architecture. To gain space and foster an impression of grandeur, APPAREIL Architecture completely refurbished the ground level. The architects expanded the kitchen by creating an extension into the yard, allowing them to considerably increase the living space. To allow a maximal amount of light to enter each room, the architects had the idea to vertically perforate the home, creating an open movement space spanning from the ground floor up to the skylights.

This strategy allows the home to have natural light at all levels and in all rooms. This vertical connection also allows the home’s inhabitants to be in constant contact with the sky, while perforations in each room create horizontal vis-à-vis between the windows. The stairs, with openwork wooden slats, diffuse light all the way to the basement. Another significant refurbishing is the addition of a mezzanine that overlooks the perforation. At the very top of stairs reigns the parent’s room, alone on the top floor. The room’s overlooking position fosters the experiential and unique nature of the space. The room has its own private terrace, facing the alleyway.

Photography by Félix Michaud

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