LD is a minimalist apartment located in Rome, Italy, designed by Incognito Studio. The design explores the concept of a fluid and adaptable space, seamlessly integrating the living room, kitchen, and bedroom into a singular, expansive area. This approach not only maximizes the potential of the limited square footage but also allows the apartment to adapt and evolve with the changing needs of daily life and over time. Central to this architectural narrative is a bold concrete beam, a dominant horizontal feature that contrasts starkly with a newly introduced vertical element—a steel pillar. While the pillar serves no practical purpose, it stands as a striking architectural statement, redefining the living room’s spatial organization into four distinct zones: dining, lounging, cooking, and a corridor-like area. This steel structure emerges as the pivotal point around which the apartment’s dynamic is centered.

The material palette in LD is a thoughtful composition of wood, concrete, and steel, creating an engaging visual and tactile interplay. The warmth of the wood harmonizes with the industrial coolness of concrete and the refined elegance of steel, fostering a dialogue between raw materials, clean lines, and vintage furniture pieces. The southern wall of the apartment is a testament to minimalism, dressed in pristine white. This choice not only highlights the bohemian influences in the design but also prioritizes the natural light and views, forging a deeper connection with the outdoors and emphasizing simplicity. In contrast, the northern wall is a rich tapestry of materials, blending the organic warmth of wood with the classic beauty of terracotta. This combination celebrates the daily rituals of living, creating an environment that balances functionality with aesthetic appeal.