Les Voisines is a minimal chalet located in Austin, Canada, designed by APPAREIL Architecture. Made up of three interconnected houses, Les Voisines proposes a novel living and rental space that reinvents the boundaries between shared and private space. An invitation to experience the rental home of the future. Located in Austin in the Eastern Townships, the project is a collaboration with the client, Lysanne Pépin of the Maison Pépin boutique, who designed the interior while APPAREIL signed the architectural envelope, which balances tradition and modernity. A long passage cuts across the three residences and cleaves each building in two, creating sub-spaces within and between the homes. The brick’s urban materiality toys with notions of interior and exterior, as do the furnishings and the openings that foster a connection with the lake and blur the limits between the inside and the outside, giving people inside the home the impression of having both feet in the water.

Photography by Félix Michaud

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