Level Apartment is a minimal apartment located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Material Works Architecture. Level Apartment is a residential fit-out of an apartment within an industrial building in Hoxton, London. The design uses level changes, sliding walls and transparency to host a range of activities in a single flowing space. A concise material palette of oak and ceramics create clear and simple forms that accentuate the scale of the existing form, while also offering a warm contrast to the concrete shell. The design replaced a more cellular layout, characterised by dingy back rooms, no storage and no space for home- working. The new design overcomes these problems by re-positioning the kitchen at the heart of a full depth open space benefitting from existing perimeter glazing. A new mezzanine floor creates a desk platform over a storage space; providing a separate workspace which still connects visually to the main living area. A full height sliding wall allows for the temporary creation of a second bedroom for occasional visitors or a private space for exercise. The use of internal glazing at high level allows for the penetration of the daylight deep in the plan.

Photography by Fred Howath