Life After Madrid is a minimalist apartment located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, designed by Arhitektura d.o.o.. The small urban apartment is located in one of the famous skyscrapers designed by the renowned Slovenian architect Edvard Ravnikar. These were built all across Ljubljana in the early 1960s, reflecting the tendency to fill the gaps in the city centre and the desire to build as many flats as possible. The construction of these skyscrapers brought a new, “metropolitan” way of life to the city centre, while simultaneously making use of the available town space. The apartments were built according to the highest living standards and are distinguished by their rationally designed centralized floor plan. This kind of layout allows more daylight to enter the living space and ensures a good communication between the individual parts of the flat.

In the kitchen and the dining room, the furniture ambience is purposely distinct from the remaining setting of the flat. It wants to catch the visitor’s attention by introducing stainless steel as the main material and in this manner remind them that they are situated in the heart of the flat. The absence of standard living room is intentional, as the life of investors revolves around cooking and socializing in the dinning area. With its bright neon sign and together with the leading material, which is most frequently found in restaurants and bars, it also introduces them to the essence of the vibrant and cosmopolitan Madrid’s social life.

Photography by Miran Kambič

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