Lover’s House is a minimal residence located in Santa María, Mallorca, designed by isla. The house is inserted in a rustic land in Santa Maria, in the Pla de Mallorca, the flat area in the center of the island, surrounded by vineyards and protected by a pine forest that the client has been planting for years, with sun all day and panoramic views of the Tramuntana. The layout of the plant refers to Jose Antonio Coderch; the house program is developed on several axes that are articulated along a series of walls arranged in a north-south direction. The access is made through the pine forest from the ‘camí’ until we reach the house, that appears totally closed, recreating the local Arab influences. A curved ramp leads to the entrance through a wild garden parallel to one of the walls. Once on the porch, a large floor-to-ceiling pivoting door opens inviting guests to enter. The foyer, which stretches to both sides of the longitudinal courtyard – a forest of bamboo trapped between two long walls – gives access to the bedrooms. The guest room occupies the first volume of the house and has its own patio. The rest of the rooms are located in the south wing, two twin bedrooms with a shared bathroom, open to the garden, and the main bedroom, which opens south to a large open patio with a tinted concrete bench.

Photography by Luis Díaz Díaz