Created by the Montreal-based architecture firm Ivy Studio, M.A.D. Collectif’s 3600-square-foot ground-floor space in the heart of Montreal’s Village is a dynamic blend of utilitarian and creative expression. It functions as both a workspace and an event area and was created to encourage cooperation and community involvement.

The space embodies a “work in progress” aesthetic, celebrating raw construction materials for an industrial atmosphere. White-painted walls, a sunken ceramic-tiled front and an exposed metal stud system, backlit to display art, define the space. Customizable lighting and a unique ceramic-clad ramp add dynamism. Clear polycarbonate-covered rooms at the back reveal soundproofing insulation, while raw metal frames and steel doors add character. Furnishings defy convention, with a 20-foot marble counter, a metallic purple banquette, and vibrant poufs. 

In essence, M.A.D. Collectif’s new office space is more than just a workplace; it’s a dynamic canvas for creativity, collaboration, and innovation. It’s design showcases the beauty of imperfection, highlighting the raw and unfinished alongside the luxurious. Ivy Studio has masterfully translated M.A.D.’s visionary approach into architecture, demonstrating their commitment to pushing boundaries in the fashion, art, and design sphere.